The providers at The Shot Shop Med Spa in Enfield, CT have over 20 years’ experience and utilize the most advanced training and techniques when it comes to injectable fillers. We offer the latest and most effective injectable solutions to have you smooth, filled and plump where you need it.

We readily depend on the Juvéderm family of fillers at The Shot Shop by Leah Kenney, PA-C to address fine lines, deeper wrinkles and folds.

There are a few different types of Juvéderm fillers that we use at The Shot Shop Medical Rejuvenation Med Spa. All Juvéderm fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural occurring component of your skin already. All of the Juvéderm fillers contain lidocaine so they are less painful when injected. The numbing goes away within 1 – 2 hours after the procedure. 

Juvéderm Voluma XC
This is an injectable gel used to lift and contour the midface, often used for a cheek augmentation. We also use it in the chin and jawline. This is a stiffer product that lasts up to 2 years. 

Juvéderm Vollure XC
This injectable gel is used to improve nasolabial folds, marionette lines and the oral commissures. It is softer and easier to mold for those wanting a subtle, natural looking correction. Vollure lasts up to 18 months, which is six months longer than Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus. 

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC
This injectable gel is used to improve nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and oral commissures. This is a thicker, plumping formula which is perfect for adding volume to deeper facial folds and will draw water like a sponge for prolonged correction which is ideal for initial injection. This filler lasts up to 1 year.

Juvéderm Ultra XC
This injectable gel is used to improve the loss of volume in the lips, also known as a lip augmentation. It is thicker than Volbella (below), and lasts up to 1 year. 

Juvéderm Volbella XC
This injectable gel is the thinnest product used to improve vertical lip lines, as well as lining and defining the lips. It can also be used for the lower eyelids. Volbella lasts up to 1 year. 

Results from Juvéderm injectable fillers are immediate and get better over a week or two.

All injectable fillers have risks of bruising, swelling and infection.

*Individual results may vary

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$100 deposit is required from new patients to book a consultation with Leah or Hank at The Shot Shop. 

The Shot Shop Medical Rejuvenation Center uses the latest, HIPPA compliant, encrypted technology to store your payment information in SecurePay™. Your deposit is fully refundable as long as you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment time. It will also be applied to any services rendered during your appointment. If you do not show up for your appointment or fail to cancel within 48 hours, you will forfeit this deposit. For those not needing to leave a deposit and only leaving a credit card on file, we strictly enforce our 48-hour cancellation and no-show policy. If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel within this time period, we reserve the right to charge the card on file a no-show or late cancellation fee of $100.

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