VIRTUERF VS Vivace — Why You Should Choose VIRTUERF!

VIRTUERF, is the next generation in RF microneedling and the first-ever, Microneedling Platform.


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Move over Vivace because VIRTUERF is at The Shot Shop and it is the latest and greatest in RF microneedling. VIRTUERF is the ultimate, upgraded microneedling treatment and here are some reasons why you should chose it over Vivace.


VIRTUERF, is the next generation in RF microneedling and the first-ever, Microneedling Platform. It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses radiofrequency, which provides heat to stimulate and increase collagen. When combined with advanced, precision microneedling, you will enjoy tighter skin, minimized pores, and improved tone and texture. It also helps combat fine lines and wrinkles in addition to unwanted scars and acne with virtually zero downtime.

Why Choose VIRTUERF Over Vivace?

The VIRTUERF platform has more energy, is more aggressive, more controlled, and most importantly, it’s more comfortable than Vivace. VIRTUERF is truly the most advanced RF Microneedling platform available and is unmatched to comparative devices that you will find in the market. Plus, the results will speak for themselves!

Is VIRTUERF Just for My Face and Neck?

No! That is another one of its great benefits. It is a total skin rejuvenation treatment that can go beyond just treating face and neck. It can also help treat wrinkles and tighten skin on other parts of the body including decolletage, hands, legs — you name it!

What Results Can I Expect from VIRTUERF?

You will see immediate results after just one treatment of VIRTUERF. The experience includes the use of a compounded numbing cream to make the treatment comfortable. We also use your own plasma over the microinjuries to help speed recovery. The treatment increases collagen, minimizes pores and helps reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars. It is also a great wrinkle and anti-aging treatment, helping to combat fine lines. After just one treatment, your face will glow and look as if it has a filter on it. Results will also continue to improve as time passes.

The Shot Shop is the first to offer this minimally invasive treatment in the Northern Connecticut and Western Massachusetts area. Call to book today and our experts will help create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Still want to learn more about VIRTUERF? Visit here.

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